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Pre Verified Candidate Profiles

VeriHired is world's first job networking website, allowing candidates to publish pre-verified profiles. We have designed a smart algorithm that maps the available candidates to the right opportunity and showcases most relevant candidate profiles to the Hiring teams.

Pre Verified  Profiles 
Mandatory Candidate Assessments 

 Mapped   Profiles to Exact Jobs

Communicate via    Chat   

Publish Jobs to all or to specific candidates

Engage when relevant

At VeriHired, we are shaping the world's first platform to address one of the biggest problem scenario serving both the candidates and Hiring teams. Our platform allows the candidates to showcase relevant skill set to the talent acquisition teams and enabling a much faster and better mapped profiles reach for the Hiring teams.

A smart intuitive algorithm that provides a ranking to each of the candidates on our platform basis of pre-verification done and the assessments scores thus saving a lot of time for the talent acquisitions at stage 1 "Shortlisting".

For the hiring teams, we made sure to provide a smart job manager - which auto segregates the incoming candidates profiles, bucketing them in to various categories, so no more going through hundreds of non relevant candidate applications and engage only with the relevant 

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The Founders


VeriHired is an outcome of our patience, research and the inputs we gathered from industry experts in the last 2 years of us planning the platform.

As founders, we are a group of domain experts from technology, business and management.

Our mission is absolutely clear - to be India's first Job networking global platform.

We welcome you on board and request you to connect with us via email if you or your organisation is interested to use our platform.

Founders , VeriHired

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